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Teaching ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ (MMA) and ‘Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’ (BJJ) to the ordinary person lies at the heart of our gym,  utilizing cutting edge coaching techniques creating a safe environment that accelerates personal development.

Although they are separate programmes BJJ is our core ground fighting style of MMA as well as being an art in itself.  The rest of the MMA programme consists of ‘Submission Wrestling’,  ‘MMA Kick Boxing’ and ‘MMA Boxing’.

In addition to this we have a range of other classes.  We deliver ‘Ladies Only Kick Boxing’ with a strong emphasis on self defence and conditioning.  Also, we deliver a range of children’s classes in Kick Boxing and BJJ. The age groups are; ‘Tiny Trouble’ for 7 year olds and below, the ‘Junior’ classes for 7 to 13 year olds and the ‘Cadets’ classes for 13 to 16 year olds in either Kick Boxing or BJJ. We also hold regular circuit and fitness classes to cover all our members needs. Check out our class ‘Timetable’ to see when these classes take place, and the Class Breakdown’ for a more detailed description.

Personal one on one tuition has become increasingly popular helping people achieve a wide range of individual goals.  We have highly qualified coaches in all areas of training available to help you.  And we are also open outside the regular class times for your convenience.

Although we don’t pressure any of our members to compete, if you fancy having a go and your coach feels you are ready we positively encourage participation and have won many medals and accolades. We compete in a variety a arenas such as; BJJ, Submission Wrestling, Kick Boxing and ultimately MMA.

The gym is fully fitted with changing facilities, weight training equipment, matted areas, punch bags etc. in fact everything you need to learn the Martial Arts.

To top it all, Voodoo Gym is heavily involved in the community.  We deliver Martial Arts programmes for local colleges and schools as part of their student enrichment programmes.  We have also delivered Kick Boxing / Self Defence and Conditioning courses for Cheshire East Council. And we always try to support local good causes and charity events.

No other gym in the region can deliver the focused, specialist training that we can.

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